Why working from home may not be for you

This early July morning I felt compelled to make myself an awesome cup of coffee and head out to the patio with my laptop and write you a story about how one question changed my life. Keep reading….

I made the decision to leave the corporate world behind and work from home about 5 years ago. First, as an owner of a traditional business – importing and distributing eyewear from Europe…

We all know that working for someone else means getting dressed, having to show up every day, having some sort of a false sense of security, having a more or less defined monthly paycheque (you can only make up to a certain amount), and a glass ceiling (can’t out promote your boss!). That kind of an environment was something that I called my job for many years, like most of you who read this.

I had always loved the idea of having no boss and working for myself, so the decision to start our own traditional business out of our home, using my years of experience in the optical industry, was born. We started a national eyewear import/distribution business. My husband and I found an amazing exclusive product line to work with, invested a massive amount of money into inventory and startup costs, and felt that this was going to be it. It seemed like an ideal situation at the time and we were excited about saving on overhead costs by transforming our garage into the headquarters of this venture. We stayed up late nights for months on end, trying to get things off the ground. Those times were a mix of extreme excitement (can’t believe we started a business, we will make so much money!!) and stress (did we do the right thing?).

Fast forward, we have seen the worst ups and downs – being affected by the economy, our customer accounts shutting down or downsizing, sales reps being hired only to be quitting on us soon after, accounts not paying their bills on time or not at all. On top of it all, having to deal with advertising, daily shipping of orders, being on the phone with accounts (while juggling to find a quiet spot to speak), order entries and invoicing, accounts payable/receivable, bookkeeping and anything else daily operations entails. Can you sense overwhelm and stress?

Needless to say, we found that it is hard running a traditional business from home – it is not all butterflies and sunshine. In fact, it drives me crazy when people say that it must be so nice and easy because you get to work from home. Somehow they have this idea that owning a business is easy and involves endless coffee breaks and fun. No. It takes a ton of self discipline, scheduling, and figuring out how to do this all while taking care of kids. It is a huge responsibility because you have to stay on top of this all by yourself, even if you outsource some of the tasks.

Having lived the corporate world employee and traditional business owner’s life, having experienced the pros and cons of both, stumbling across network marketing has been quite a refreshing experience for me personally. I chose to get involved with a company in August 2015, not knowing what I was doing and not having any proper experience nor training in this business model at all.

As you can see, I was so insanely busy already, I was not looking to add anything else to my plate, but then when I explained my lifestyle to someone I was chatting with, she asked me: “wow, so how long will you have to do all this for?”

That question right there. It changed everything. Really, how long was I going to have to run like a hamster in a wheel if I kept doing what I was doing?

I realized that unless I made a change, that was going to be my life for long years to come. The whole home business idea was born from the desire to be my own boss, have lots of time and financial freedom – something that had not happened 5 years into the venture, and at the going rate, was not going to happen any time soon. It took us 3 years alone to break even!

When I joined network marketing as a sideline, I was somewhat skeptical and I naturally tried to relate this business model to our traditional business, thinking it will be the same. Having seen and worked in various environments, I do have experience and expertise and I weigh my business decisions carefully – I was not going to get involved in anything that would hurt my reputation. Despite of others being negative and telling me that this will not work, I decided to go all in and give it a really good, serious try. I was mentally ready to do what it takes to make a change and start making the money our family deserves.

What I have found over the past 10 months, is that this is, hands down, the best business model I have ever come across. Why? Let me crack open the door just a little, so you can see….

First off, I got started for a very tiny investment – not even 4 digits – nothing like our other business which was close to 6 digits to get up and running. Sounds appealing? It sure did to me!

Next – it has been risk free. I have not had to put my family’s savings on the line to start, and no investment in inventory that may or may not sell. The accounting and shipping is taken care of for me, and I don’t have to worry about unpaid accounts that affect the cash flow.

How did I not “get it” years ago? Why didn’t anyone tell me what it’s really like? Why didn’t anyone shine a ray of hope on me that there is a better way, show me how I too can build a large team and have a residual income stream that outperforms my traditional home business income from early on?

You are probably wondering how I get the word out and if I bug my friends and family to make money in this. Well, I’m glad you are wondering, because I was too, before I really understood what’s involved. My short answer is no, I do not bother my friends or family. And no, I don’t do home parties, because this particular business is not built around a party plan. I also don’t fill my friends’ social media feed with endless spam about my company – in fact, it may take you a bit of time to figure out what is it that I even do.

There are very natural, pressure-free ways to introduce this business and products to people. I don’t consider myself as a sales person at all, I really do not like selling anything to anyone. But what I do love is helping people solve problems, whether it is in the financial department or something my products can help them with. The key is being coachable and not trying to re-invent the wheel. I have a system in place to generate leads for me, while I sleep – did you even imagine this being possible? Not having to start up a conversation with anyone, but having people come to you? If you’d like to learn more about the autopilot system I have implemented, check out this  Home Business Survival Guide .

I literally feel like my world has changed and is still changing right in front of my eyes. If you feel that working from home is not for you, maybe it is because you are not in the right kind of a home business? Or if you are in network marketing already, maybe you are not in the right company for YOU?

P.S. Keep an eye open for my next blog post about how to choose the right network marketing company for you.

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