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I Manifested Something HUGE!!!

As someone who does personal development daily, I had always heard about the need to manifest, yet I could never figure out what exactly the methods and techniques that work the best, were. It felt like I was fumbling around in the dark, trying to find my way to attracting everything I dreamed of, into my life. Sitting still with my thoughts and visualizing things, and staring at my vision board just didn’t seem to cut it for me – I knew there was something missing in the way I was going about manifesting.

I came across this lady in her 20s who just seemed to have something different about her. At first I thought, this can’t be – she is too young to teach anyone anything substatial, but was I ever wrong! I started following her on social media about a year ago, maybe a bit less. I kept going to her closed FB group, learning and trying to understand what her little community was all about. I found out that she has more experience and wisdom to share than many people who are double her age – and she knows her stuff! There was a certain vibe that kept me going back and every time I seemed to pick up or discover something new. I took her free 5-day Manifesting Challenge, and started seeing things in my daily life change pretty much right away as soon as I started implementing what I had learned. It was almost surreal… I mean, how can this be, right? Well… it was enough to get me hooked!
When Kathrin came out with her Unleash Your Inner Manifestation Babe course, I knew that was exactly what I needed. I was already a successful entrepreneur, but I had some massive business goals that I had been trying to meet – this course helped me reach a point where I felt I was fully in control of the situation.

It’s like I finally had a bulletproof roadmap and the skills to manifest effectively, and do so on a regular basis.
Fun story: Just recently, I used her techniques and manifested a very specific, 5-figure dollar amount as my paycheque for the month. In my line of business, the exact amounts we earn are nearly impossible to predict as the compensation plan is so in-depth and there are so many variables, but I dreamed big and set my intentions on a number a lot bigger than what I thought was realistic. Just for the fun of it. My husband actually thought there was no way it was going to happen. Well…. the payday came and I got exactly $105 MORE than what I had manifested! I was blown away!
This is just one of the bigger examples of what the teachings of this course have done for me, but there are many smaller things that have happened to me as well as a result – this is so much fun! Why would someone not do this?! I learned that once you know how to ask for something and trust that the universe is on your side, helping you figure it all out – there are no limitations to anything in life! The key is to be ridiculously specific and know what words one should never use and what the abundance-attracting words are. It’s simple, but you’ve got to know how to go about it.
For anyone who is wondering if the UYIMB course is worth the time and investment – I want you to ask yourself this: do you have absolutely everything you want in life right now, living the life of your wildest dreams? Do you have a clear blueprint of how you are going to attract what you want? If not, this course is for you!

Check it out! I can’t wait to hear about your experience!

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