5 Social Media Content Ideas

Many of you who are following me, are entrepreneurs and network marketers.

Today I come to you with 5 tips about social media content ideas that will keep your profle interesting, interactive and minimizes the amount of people who hit that dreaded unfollow button.

Why do people come to social media in the first place? The one thing that they’re not coming here for is to buy stuff or to join companies.
People come to social media to be entertained and to connect. They come here to either to get a good laugh or to learn something new but they’re definitely coming to Facebook thinking “OK I’m going log into Facebook and I’m going to buy something today”.
Guess what…. I’ve never thought like that and I am sure you haven’t either.
When people go on social media, they look for something fun, entertaining, to connect with people or to find some sort of value and learn.
1. Something that’s entertaining: funny memes, jokes.
2. Educate people. People love learning new things. You can share blog posts whether you write them yourself or whether you share a blog post from someone else. It can be a how-to video. It can be just about anything – sharing this blog post here counts as an educational piece of content. Deliver some sort of value to people so that people see that you are a great person to follow.

3. Anything inspirational. How often do you see pretty inspirational quotes and things in your newsfeed on a Monday morning? Monday morning is a popular time for that and it fires you up.

If you’re in a network marketing company and if somebody has a really inspirational story about how they went from rags to riches, it’s a great story to share. It doesn’t have to be just your own, you can always repurpose other people’s content.
4. We’re on social media, which means that we want to be social and create interaction. Ask a question. It can be as simple as: what’s your preferred color, blue or black.
Ask for dinner ideas or anything where people can chime in and give their opinion.


5. Promotion.
No matter what you think, we all are selling something – products, services, knowledge etc., and unless we let people know now and then, what we do, they will not know to come to us.
There is the right and the wrong way to do it – I recommend using the 80/20 rule:
80 percent of the time, post content: fun things, entertainment, inspiration, educational things
20 percent promotion: before and after photos, testimonials, tutorials, how to videos etc.
So it’s totally ok to post promotional content, but don’t spam, because this is when people hit unfollow and you lose respect.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone who is looking into opportunities to start your own business online, in order to be successful, there are certain things to look out for in a company before you take the plunge.
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