How to Build a Business on Social Media

Many of you who know me, know that I have built, 97-98% of my business on social media. Why have I done so, and how? Well…

Although I have lived in Canada for quite a few years now, I did not grow up here. By not having grown up here means that when I got into network marketing, I didn’t have my childhood friends, I didn’t have my high school friends, my university friends, even my family to approach, because they all are over in Estonia where I’m from and my company doesn’t do business there. I had to find other ways to expand my network if I wanted to become successful in network marketing.

Many people have come to me and said; “Hey, I know that you’re building your business on social media. I don’t know what I’m doing for wrong, but I’m not succeeding at all. I’m stuck”. And when I ask what they do, they say; “ I post 3-4 times every day on my business page. And then I post on my personal page and I post on instagram and still nobody comes to me.

I’m here to tell you that whatever you see on the outside with my personal business or somebody else that’s building on social media, doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s actually involved in working online and utilizing social media to build your network marketing business.

Watch the video below to hear about some of the ways I work social media.

Remember, to go back to the basics and just become the person that you were before network marketing, which was a person who was curious about others, who wants to connect and who wants to make new friends! Completely detach yourself from the thoughts of business and what’s in it for you. .

Build those genuine connections first. Become a professional friend maker!


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