Rejuvabeads Review – Does it Really Work?

About a year ago, I was introduced to a new product by Monat called Rejuvabeads. As a self-proclaimed hair afficionado, of course I had to get my hands on it, fast!

The product claims to repair split ends 3mm and shorter as well as repair any micro damage along the hair shaft using nanotechnology that is first of it’s kind. A targeted hair repair that heals damaged hair, eliminating breakage, split ends and frizz, leaving you with the silkiest smooth hair that’s polished and protected from any further damage.

Yep… sign me up! I need this!


I’m someone who frequently colors and/or bleaches her hair, so I know for a fact that my hair needs the best haircare products out there to maintain it’s integrity (and keep it looking fabulous).


Using Rejuvabeads is simple – I start off with my favorite hydrating Monat shampoo, which is Renew, wash twice and then follow with one of their conditioners (I love both Restore Leave-In and Revitalize). Rinse well and towel dry. I comb through my hair and then divide the hair in the back so half is over my left and the other half over my right shoulder. I find that 1-2 pumps of Rejuvabeads is plenty for half of my hair, so I put it in the palm of my hand, rub hands together and then run my hands through my hair from ears down to the ends. Repeat on the other side and then let it sit for 2-3 minutes so it can get to work.

Then style whichever way I choose to go for that day – either air dry (you may want to check out Monat’s Air Dry Cream for a frizz-free finish), or blow dry using the Blow Out Cream for extra heat protection and a sleek smooth finish.



Long story short… I have now been using Rejuvabeads for 13 months and can not imagine my life without it.

The results from Rejuvabeads I have found to be instant as the split ends get sealed, leaving the hair smooth and shiny. It works well without leaving me with build-ups, heaviness or oiliness. Having now used it for over a year, after every second hair wash, my hair is strong, resilient, flexible as well as manageable.


I’m loving it! Rejuvabeads gets a big thumbs up from me.







— The above review is based on my own results and the links in the article point to my independent market partner website. —


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