Bye 2018. Hello 2019

2018 was an interesting year. 💁🏼‍♀️

Lots of challenges. Things happening way beyond my control. But I kept my cool.😌

So many wins. Lots of them.🎉👏🏼

Winning in business, seeing my tribe win and succeed in a big way. Paid for luxury trips. So much fun! Bonding time. Paid for luxury Cadillacs.

Selling a house, buying a house. Moving 😬

Now 2019 is here.🍸

I’ve set my goals for the year, very specific timed goals that I know I will hit as long as I focus. 🔎

Focus is my word for the year. There’s no such thing as accidental success. Nobody will hand it to you on a bejeweled silver plate. You’ve got to plan it and stick to the plan. ✍🏻

Travel. You’ve got to plan to have fun too.

I’m excited for Nashville, Orlando/Miami/Florida Keys and Vegas (at least twice), and we’re still pondering over Europe and Disney this summer and a fall trip somewhere amazing. I’ll know soon enough!✈️

What I wish for you for 2019 is that you go after what you really want.

Don’t be scared to make big changes if that’s what it takes.

Don’t be scared to step into a new territory that you know nothing about.

Take more chances – it’ll be worth it!

And lastly. Trust your intuition. That inner voice that we all have. You already have the answers and know what your next step should be.

Lots of love!! 💕


P.S. If you’re someone who has been looking for a change, perhaps a side gig to help fund the things that matter to you… Send me a note, I may be able to help you. 

Find me on FB and IG @pillekap

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