Meet Pille

My journey from a corporate world optician, contact lens fitter and clinic manager to a leader in the network marketing industry didn’t happen overnight.

Having a husband who works away from home a lot of the time, I was always dreaming of spending as much time with him as possible when he is around, having more time with our two kids, traveling more without worrying about asking for time off and having more freedom to simply live life to it’s fullest.

My search for the perfect business started around 2007, when I started up a lampworking studio at home and pursued jewelry design at her spare time, followed by several other traditional business ventures. I soon found that trading my time for dollars was not what I was looking for. That led me to network marketing and the opportunity to build a business that provides me with leveraged residual income, on my terms.

I was very skeptical when first introduced to the industry: “How could a somewhat shy optician like me, in her 30’s, find success in network marketing? I don’t like selling, I don’t want to approach my friends and family! I learned that’s the beauty of this business model which takes ordinary people and helps them to achieve extraordinary results!”

I took the chance, started working at the new business part time, just a few hours per week and today I am a proud Cadillac earner and have a fast growing international team that I mentor along with my leaders, helping others to success and reach their goals.

As an entrepreneur, I have a passion to share my easily duplicatable success system with others to help them learn and grow in their business fast.

Work from Home with Pille