Hacks For Getting The Most Out Of Curly Hair!

It’s a given that anyone with curly hair has heard someone with straight hair cry, “Your hair is so gorgeous! My hair is stick straight. I wish I had curls!” While it’s a compliment, straight haired people don’t know how hard it is to have a good curly hair day. But we’ve got some tips… Continue reading Hacks For Getting The Most Out Of Curly Hair!


So, You Want More Support From Your Upline?

This post is for you, network marketers / direct sellers, who have enrolled in a company and you feel like you don’t have enough upline support or your sponsor is not supporting you enough.
How are you going to deal with it and what can you do about it? I’ve got some awesome tips for you.


How to Crush it in Network Marketing When You Have a Busy Life

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in your business and personal life – too little time, too much to do? Barely-there productivity, negative self talk and in many cases…. the thought of giving up, as that would just be “easier”.

In my network marketing business, I deal with this topic a lot – with both brand new as well as seasoned distributors. Our chosen way to make a living is like a rollercoaster ride where we need to learn the skills to manage the high highs and the low lows, which happen to all of us. It’s all about our ability and skills to deal with things when they come up.

In my video today I teach you my best tricks and tips when it comes to mindset and time management. Grab a pen and paper for notes and be sure to share this with anyone who needs to hear about these topics.

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How to Crush it in Network Marketing  – Mindset & Time Management


Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone who is looking into opportunities to start your own business online, in order to be successful, there are certain things to look out for in a company before you take the plunge.
Everyone is different, so it’s important to dig deep and know what to look for, to find the perfect fit for you. Discover what questions I learned to ask and how I found the ideal fit for myself. Download your FREE COPY

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I Manifested Something HUGE!!!

As someone who does personal development daily, I had always heard about the need to manifest, yet I could never figure out what exactly the methods and techniques that work the best, were. It felt like I was fumbling around in the dark, trying to find my way to attracting everything I dreamed of, into… Continue reading I Manifested Something HUGE!!!