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Are you struggling with frustrating hair issues, spend more and more money on products that come with empty promises? Sounds familiar? Well… that used to be me! The bleach processes had done a number on my hair over the years, leaving it dry and brittle, brassy and with barely any sheen. The cupboard under our bathroom sink had been taken over by countless non-performing salon and drugstore hair products and I had started to accept this as my reality.

And then something happened. I heard about Monat. My life and hair started to quickly change when I switched to my current products and I never looked back. Little did I know that cutting out all harsh chemicals and toxins, and going with a line that is clinically proven to reverse and stop hairloss, regrow hair, control frizz, repair damage, add volume and sheen, define curls, would be the permanent answer to all my hair issues. This is not just shampoo – these products come in treatment systems, so they won’t just mask the issues and make your hair look pretty temporarily – they actually get to the root of the issues and treat the hair and scalp. You will love the luxurious feeling every time you get out of the shower – I am not exaggerating when I say I have fresh out of the salon feeling and looking hair every single day. Pretty dreamy, huh?

A company that offers people to experience healthier hair with a 30-day money back guarantee?! That is unheard of in the haircare industry! So you can take all this magic for a good spin, and if you don’t like what you see and feel, send the bottles right back and put the refund money towards your next shoe or tech gadget shopping spree!

The treatment systems are clinically proven by Princeton University, completely free of toxins, carconigens, are gluten free and vegan, made in the USA – everything a modern, health-conscious consumer could ask for.


BALANCE System: dry, frizzy, oily, curly, wavy, ethnic, damaged hair.

VOLUME System: flat, limp, lifeless, dull, thin, fine hair

CLASSIC CONFIDENCE System: hair loss, thinning, suitable for both men and women

SUPER NOURISH Duo: maximum moisture for curly, wirey, unruly, coarse and hard to manage hair

MAGNIFY System: Maximum volume and hydration

STYLIZED System: All your favorite non-toxic styling products in one convenient kit

Rejuveniqe oil: dry scalp, hair and skin.

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