To Podcast or Not to Podcast?

So I started a podcast!

It’s something I had wanted to do for a long time, but kept finding excuses and imaginary roadblocks why I couldn’t do it, why I needed more time and why it was never the right time.

Last Saturday after I got the kids to bed, I stood in the kitchen with a glass of water (no kidding, it wasn’t even wine!), thinking about who knows what when all of a sudden the words Your Ambitious Life started repeating in my head. And then… Podcast!!!!! I need to tell my story! There’s the first episode!

Just like that…. I took inspired action before all that went away.

I know it sounds all sorts of crazy, but that’s what led me to download a recording app (I used Opinion) and 10 minutes later I was talking away, recoding Episode 1, Season 1. It felt good and completely natural – nothing like what I had told myself it would be like.

You’re probably wondering why I called it YOUR Ambitious Life and not MY Ambitious Life. Well… I didn’t want it to sound selfish! With this podcast I want to inspire others to take action, go after big hairy scary goals, and see the potential in themselves. Hence the “YOUR”.

I’ll do my best to share my experiences and knowledge in hopes you’ll find some value in it that you can implement in your life and business.

I’d love for you to subscribe, listen and leave a 5* review!

P.S. I also LOVE screenshots in your IG stories 🙂



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