I often get asked about what books, products, courses and services I use and recommend, so I decided to put together a page with all the information in one place.

Personal Development:

Your Ambitious Life podcast – yes, that’s me! Subscribe and leave a review!


Organizational tools

Daily Goal Tracker for Network Marketers – Download my free daily goal tracker for network marketers – the exact tool I have been using and that helped me go from a struggling optician/contact lens fitter to a 6-figure earner in the network marketing industry.

Passion Planner – I could not live without it! I love the old school pen and paper way to keep on top of things!

Email marketing and list building tools:

One Funnel Away Challenge – The fortune is in the follow up! Do you have a system to keep track of your leads? Do you have an opt-in to collect leads?Learn how to do it all, step-by-step!

Network Marketing Secrets – FREE book by Russell Brunson. 

DotCom Secrets – Russell Brunson is mailing you a physical copy of his new book. The book is free, and all you pay is the shipping costs.

Mailchimp – free email list along with a bunch of awesome tools such as email sequences and welcome emails.


Marketing training and help:

Ultimate Fan Page Profits – Very easy to understand and follow course that I love and recommend! Get the real strategies behind building a powerful Fan Page that Grabs attention, generates Interest in your brand and has people eager to do business with you.

Ultimate Branding Blueprint – Online branding strategies so you can acquire more leads and sales every month. Build a blog just like mine! Comes with a Facebook support group.

Done 4 U Blog – awesome value for someone who wants to start a blog, but doesn’t want to spend time on building one. These folks will make one just for you!